We provide the following Educational Consulting Services:

1. Regulatory Compliance

Professional bodies and awarding organisations must adhere to regulatory requirements to maintain recognition.  We aim to assist these organisations in ensuring continued compliance with the requirements of the Regulators.  In addition, we help potential awarding bodies in applying to UK regulators for recognition as an awarding body.

This role encompasses:

  • Meeting with the regulator
  • Reviewing, updating policies
  • Developing policies required for submission with the application.

2. Policy Development and Review

As regulated awarding organisations or professional bodies, policies must be continually reviewed to ensure compliance with the requirements of the regulators.

We assist these organisations in the review and development process to ensure compliance

3. Responsible Officer

Awarding Organisations recognised by Ofqual are required to appoint a Responsible Officer who is responsible for being the authoritative point of contact between the awarding organisation and Ofqual regarding all activities undertaken by the awarding organisation which are of interest to Ofqual.

We at Gradu8ed Education Group can provide the Responsible Officer’s services to awarding organisations looking at sub-contracting this role, which include the following services:

  • Review of compliance with Conditions of Recognition
  • Liaise with the regulators as the authoritative person
  • Review and complete annual statement of compliance

4. Academic Compliance

We assist education and training organisations, especially professional bodies and awarding organisations, to ensure that quality educational standards are set and maintained by their approved training providers.

This is achieved by developing and implementing quality assurance processes and visitations to ensure that training providers adhere to predetermined requirements.

5. Qualification Review and Development

We provide assistance and guidance in reviewing and developing qualifications and programmes.

We liaise with subject matter experts to develop the learning outcomes and assessment criteria, enabling us to develop the qualification specification document and supporting policies.

6. Provider Accreditation

Providers seeking approval from awarding bodies to offer tuition towards regulated qualifications must apply to each awarding organisation for approval or accreditation. We are Gradu8ed Education Group can assist you in completing the required application forms and the relevant policies and submitting these to the awarding body.